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Woven Thorns – From Grace

In the past few months the world was turned on its head. With no public events, artists were forced to return to the drawing board in probably one of the biggest cultural lockdown we’re probably ever going to experience. However, in spite of everything, the scene did nothing but thrive! We’ve seen a huge number of releases all across the genre, all the way from fresh bangers to dubplates kept behind the lock for years.

But among all those, sometimes, one EP stands out through its creativity and unique personality. Sometimes, while browsing through new music on a gloomy Sunday, one EP makes you straighten up and hit replay again and again.

Well, this time, this EP is bestowed upon us by Woven Thorns!

“From Grace” is the latest 3-track project of USA`s lady of roses which has planted its roots in Locus Sound’s garden.

With no time to waste, the title track opens up the earth beneath our feet, letting us fall through this horrifying yet, somehow familiar space which is gnawing at our last shred of hope of trying to resist it. Not long after, we land on our feet on the second track, “Hollow Eyes” and an eerie feeling washes over us, as if the less we try fighting it, the more we start feeling whole again. To no surprise, as time passes we feel more and more at peace with ourselves until we finally open the door at the end of the tunnel and step out on the other side of fear to the sound of the third track, “Divine Violence”.

Facing your fears and embracing your not-so-nice parts can be quite challenging, even frightful to some. The “From Grace” EP comes across as a solid statement to what Woven Thorns is set to express, which is evoking these darker parts of us that we often run away from and doing so in such a story-telling manner is nothing short of inspiring.

LOCUS014 – Woven Thorns – “From Grace” – 25 October 2020.

“For the sake of the rose we must water the thorns.” – Woven Thorns

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