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Unkey – Leng [UA042]

Less is more and sometimes, going back to the basics is the best step forward.

If you need convincing, look no further than Uprise Audio’s latest sign up, Unkey’s Leng EP. Already a familiar face over at SWU FM, the bristolian is also the co-owner of the Foto Sounds label and an accomplished DJ/producer bagging up airtime on staple stations such as BBC Radio 1, 6 Music and 1Xtra.

“Leng” is Unkey’s debut EP. It comes packed with three tracks that sport a fresh, yet familiar sound, each cutting out its own slice of uniqueness.

“Leng’s” opener and title track introduces us to a dark yet spacious atmosphere peppered with sharp percussion and lazy bass lines. Every now and then the scene is lit up by timid Eastern strings only to be overtaken time and time again by gritty, inorganic synths. This dance between opposites results in an expressive composition that sets the mood of the whole EP in a elusive yet decisive way.

“Challenge” takes things a step further, slapping us with meaner bass lines, eerier atmospherics and bouncier percussion which makes it an instant dancefloor killer. With drier synths yet more bubbly low-end frequencies, the second track of the EP feels like a fresh take build on the basics of the dubstep’s golden era sound.

Last but not least, “Freak” closes off with an even more pronounced mix of spacy, ethereal elements, gritty, mechanical bass lines and dubby, organic percussion. The collaboration with Chicago’s Mistah turned out to be the perfect way to sum up the whole “Leng” EP experience. From the noir-esque vocal sample, to the alarm-like repetitive echoey synth, “Freak” is an appropriate closing statement.

The bar is set for what we hope will be a fruitful journey for Unkey.

The “Leng” EP will be available starting the 30th of April via Uprise Audio.

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