We have been waiting so much for this list of great fothcomings right under the CNCPT label founded in Bristol, United Kingdom. Finally they bring us the full premiere of their first album with massive and great artists that you should listen to and probably you know them already. Dem massive dons did it again, and now in a bigger union! Anyway, the words on this one are not really necessarily because in my opinion, a playlist like this deserves the full attention on playing it and listening to the whole content of what it gives to us. Still, you will convince yourself after hearing what is in there. Whatever it takes for a massive collection, The Collective has it. Love, peace, harmony, madness and depth feelings are growing between accaparation of what these dons created. I’m mesmerised, again because there are so many bangers lately! I’m stunned and astonished because dubstep is growing and as we see…this is only the beginning. People, without your help and without your fire opinions, CNCPT would not have been able to announce a list of forthcoming like this. So let’s share these vibes along and say “thank you” to CNCPT for a reeeeeal mad and gorgeous ting!

Tracklist :
Sepia – Love Letter
Beanzo – System Error
Chokez – Mango Skank
Cartridge – Succulent
Sub Basics – Oracle
Glume – UH
Bundat – Muffin
Chad Dubz – Marijuana
Mr K – Spooky Dub VIP
Rygby – Pyramidz
The Greys – Alice Land
Motu – Flyte
Koma – Eastwood
Slothman – Far I
Roy Bar – Screamer

The EP can be pruchased here. Bless and support the artists by following the links below!


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