Spec from New Zealand is one of Uprise Audio’s original team members. His first release was  the critically acclaimed number one hit “Titan EP” which firmed his roots within the dubstep ranks and lingered in the top end of the sales charts for weeks and so it was with the next ones. Spec impresses this year with two tunes which have been on rotation in some high profile sets and radio shows. „Wet Socks” and „Lost” are very different in styles but complementary for this release and will be out on 28th February.

“Wet Socks” is the perfect expression to describe the state that this track leaves you, being a surprise that the rhythmic minds and bodies are ready to throw on the dance floor. The track starts with three strongly harmonized elements, namely a powerful bass accompanied by vocals and “shorted” notes that suggest the industrial and undergrounz area. The thread of the melodic line made up of flaps, low sounds and sound intervals in the minor reminds of the police films, creating a mysterious adrenaline-fueled decor that the head and the desire to move are indisputable.

The second track  induces a special  state of mind both by title and by its convoluted construction, the listener waking up lost in the musical universe of Spec. The impressive bass hits mercilessly and dictates the song, being the benchmark around which the other elements oscillate. Claps of different periods hitting fixed points and violin lines twist like satellites around the bass, letting the mind wander under its own gravity.

Label Uprise Audio
Artist Spec
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