Version Collective


Very happy to premiere this on our Soundcloud and Youtube channels.
First time I’ve heard the EP showreel on Version Collective‘s soundcloud I was thinking, this can’t be true, I was waiting for a release like this for so long.  If this EP does not announce the start of spring, I really don’t know what does. The warmness of this EP is given by the amazingly natural sound of instruments like the piano and sax, accompanied by elements of the dubstep realm. It is amazing that dubstep has evolved to the point where one can both go to a rave, dancing their feet of and replenishing their batteries with pieces of art like this EP.

The first tune “Sanctify” got the preview uploaded up on Version Collective soundcloud profile and that’s where it all started. The EP will be available starting April/27.

The second tune “Lovebug” gets a full length premiere up on our Soundcloud and Youtube.
For the third tune you’ll have to get the EP.

What we can recommend is that you go to your favourite place, soak in sunshine and delight your soul with this work of art.

Pre-order available on Bandcamp:


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