Next up on on Sub Audio Records, the talented producer SBK. from Montréal releases an epic 3-track EP, entitled “Problem City EP”, with the release date being November 9th.

The EP consists of three tracks with suggestive names:

  1. SBK. – Meaningless
  2. SBK. – Catch A Thief
  3. SBK. & Shigero – Problem City

As a resident of the great city, SBK. wants to expose the difficulties and substrates of the city in the day-to-day life in a musical background. The three tracks represent the evolution, in chronological order, of the urban difficulties, coming with some extremely suggestive titles. The temporal epic line shows first the indigenous self-indifference of the suburbs represented by the word meaningless, then is exposed one of the problem, the conclusion being one and the same with the premise: Problem City.

The middle track ‘Catch A Thief’ comes with a with a melodic line full of inflections, the ups and downs of the sounds presenting the itinerary of a pursuit, in this case the subject being a metaphoric thief. The pieces of lyrics also play their part in the track,  further inducing the idea of urbanism. The track  is embraced by metal waves and sounds that bring the idea of an industrial area, SBK. succeeded in highlighting the existence of an anomaly,  the area described being a problem city.

The Ep can be pre-ordered (also streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more).


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