Samba – Kings EP (DDD047)


What grew from a Tuesday night bassment session in San Francisco has grown into a record label pushing fresh artists, festival stage and boat party takeovers. This is how “Deep, Dark and Dangerous”, founded on the first of May 2012,  became a worldwide movement of like-minded individuals dedicated to bass.

As the characters are beings of paper, the sounds of a song create a musical story: a frame, a narrative thread, a new perspective. With such a powerful title, Samba brings us an equally suggestive and impactful EP, which “yells” and represents royalty itself. “Kings EP” is a ribbon in two strong shades: dub sprinkled in oriental influences. Although they seem to be detached from different universes, this EP is the living substance of complementing the two musical styles that create a special frame. The four tracks that compose it: ”Kings”, ”Paleluv”, ”Explain” and ”Haru”, recall through the melodic line of the royalty of the Chinese dynasties and the Japanese emperors.

The EP starts in a cheerful tone with the track named “Kings”; on a line of oriental sounds of instruments with strings and pinches, the melodic line is filled with low bass sounds, building the atmosphere for royal presence. The following two tracks concentrate deep beats of the 140 realm; so aromatic sounds are left in the background, creating a powerful rhythm that subjugates the idea of influence, reinforcing the royal. The EP ends in an optimistic, trustworthy note with the track “Haru”. According to  the word “haru” which means “spring” in Japanese,  the deep melodic line brings the idea of a new promising beginning, the whole EP being a metaphor of prosperity and richness, ideologies proposed by oriental culture.

You can pre-order Sambas “Kings EP” on the DDD Bandcamp page which is available both on vinyl and digital:

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