Epoch – Roacher / Ribcage (IMRV022)

Innamind Recordings


Real badman things are happening this week. Forthcoming, forthcoming, forthcoming! Don Epoch uploaded his forthcoming track named Roacher on his soundcloud channel. He is a weird person like no other blasting the soundsystem in his damn heavyweight ways. This one out brings your senses out of control like a real tremble which comes from the underground. Well, what can I say? This forthcoming is a ruler straight from his mad compilation that will be released on a 12″ vinyl starting with 04.04.2018 at 7 pm GMT from all Innamind/Blacklist usual retailers. Such a good style, such a good flava’ and such a massive touch on the underground movement within his new EP!

Who thought about such a great week of massive announcements? People! Feel free to listen on what man like Epoch just got out for us in this preview! Share it with your loved ones, spread the vibe and keep the movement alive. Also, follow the links below to be up to date with what’s happening alongside!

Don’t forget to support his badman style once the links will be available to buy/download his masterpiece. If you want to chill out, you can find some good pieces to listen to here that offers a warm fever and makes you feel like a pharaoh! Big up and bless on Epoch for the effort of bringing a mad one again.

Available now right here!



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