Rilathon – Great Warrior EP

[Åbysmal Ẹntities Årchivẹ - FREE DL]


First, this piece was a forthcoming, but now you can agree why it was like that. It`s absolutely banging. Abysmal Entities Archive are proud to present again a new massive EP produced by Rilathon “Ghouls” and also, remixed by Trillney, Hertz and Sense Impression. Each artist is giving a unique twist on this one by Rilathon “Ghouls” because the Great Warrior song it`s an opening track through a new massive year, it`s solid, it`s for badmans like these guys and it`s free! Be sure to cop these downloads, be sure to like this new entry in production, be sure to follow them. There you have it for download right at the “More” section.

Be sure to check this EP into your badman sounds that will do a great job on a soundsystem. Bless!

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