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Rareman – Tribute / Shibuya Nightz [JUAN003]

Pack up your dubplates and put them in a bag and go search for the fabled Rareman!

Another story unfolds in the land of Juan Forte starring a two-track EP conjured by the elusive Rareman. JUAN003 is a magical journey accompanied by the tracks entitled “Tribute” and “Shibuya Nights”.

The first track is what we like calling familiar territory. Dubbed out elements, cold drums and warm subs make “Tribute” an undisputed dancefloor killer that will move sound systems and listeners alike. It goes without saying the name of the track perfectly reflects its purpose: a tribute to the essence of the genre in its rawest yet carefully polished style.

“Shibuya Nights” flips the narrative and sets the scene for a magical journey where the listener is transposed into a colorful and strange land where curiosity and childish wonder are the guides. Eerie pads and airy vocals create a dream-like state in which the wildest wishes can come true, if only for a brief moment.

Two-track EPs are definitely not the norm and at the end of the day that’s what beautiful about experimenting and moving things ahead. Rareman came forward with two complementary productions that perfectly play off eachother in a vibrant yet smooth and polished project which JUAN003 is.

Last but not least, the artwork is a sight to behold. Juan Forte’s Chas’ unique work is something to look forward to as much as the music it represents!

12” copies with digitals and extra gifts will be rolled out on the 11th of November over at Juan Forte’s Shop.

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