Ramsez is a young and dedicated producer who started his journey in 2013. He has been gaining a lot of attention in the scene lately releasing music on various labels like Navy Cut , Deep Dark & Dangerous, Version Collective, Silent Motion and Dirty Beats to name a few and even performing at the legendary Outlook Festival in Croatia.

Ramsez decided to raise the bar and prepared a 3 track self-released EP out on his bandcamp on the 24th October bearing the name “Pharaohz Treasure”. Going by the powerful meanings of the title, the EP brings us three tracks that restore the glory and authenticity of the pyramids of Egypt.

”Foolin Around VIP” reverberates with energy and introduces us to the aura of joviality through a melodic line full of surprises. Waking up in a positive range, we find a variation of high, diverse sounds, interwoven with ascending waves and low bass that intermingle in an organized and harmonious chaos. Each note transmits energy and the unpredictable jumps from low to high maintain the enthusiasm and keep us in suspense.

The track ”Foolin Around”, by juggling the sounds, awakens our spirit and invites us to play, the EP completely identifying with his name, being a real treasure for the ear.

Artist Ramsez
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