Ourman – Discrete (INSTi016) [DIRTYBEATS PREMIERE]

Instigate Recordings


Our next premiere features Ourman with his latest release on Instigate Recordings.
Available starting June/29 on all digital stores.

“Hailing from Paris, Armand AKA Ourman has been experimenting with music from a young age. During his teen years he mostly messed around with his guitar playing all genres from reggae to metal. It was only until 2010 Armand discovered Dubstep when stumbling across Capsa & Rusko, which showed him how vast the the underground sound was and instantly picked up a copy of Reason to learn the basics. Unfortunately Armand had to take a step back from his productions, whilst he finished this degree. Last year, Armand decided to quit his job and dedicate this time and efforts towards music!”

Label Instigate Recordings
Artist Ourman
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