Subaltern Records is an independent record label focussing on bass influenced music, founded in 2012. “Of all the labels that are supporting the new school of deep down and dreamy dubstep, Subaltern is quickly becoming the most distinctive.” Boiler Room, 2015

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mrshl is the founder and head operator of the recurring UK music party and indie record label,Bay Sine SF. Having lived in London during childhood, Mrshl wields a keen understanding of more traditional English styles whilst adding a decidedly Californian spin to it. Having recently come into his own, Mrshl has signed multiple releases for vinyl and he is working on multiple projects with Mike Skinner collaborator and rising Grime star, Grim Sickers.

Grim Sickers is a grime MC and rapper of Indian, Jamaican and British descent. Raised in Oakhurst and Abbey Meads, Sickers studied plumbing at Swindon College and later went on to work for Honda. Due to his remote location, he commutes to Bristol and London on a regular basis for musical ventures.

With its release date on 10th of May this year, Mrshl in collaboration with Grim Sickers come to Subaltern Records with “Crown EP” which is made up of five tracks with suggestive names: “The Crown”, “Death Dealer”, “Endless Mirrors”, “Concussion” and “The Crown Instrumental”. As the title prepares us, this EP can be considered a crown for dubstep music with its five jewels brilliantly sounding. The first jewel, the road opener, is representative for the EP and surprises by the spectacular collaboration of the two artists. From an instrumental point of view, there are two main elements superimposed throughout the play: strong beats accompanied by sharp sounds similar to the bird’s song. As a complement, the words strike directly on the strong beats, filling musically by flow and sound and creating a special vibe.

Metaphorically speaking, the second track captures the “crown fall”. Surprising a tragic event, “Death dealer” comes with deep waves of low notes that create an atmosphere of insecurity. The next jewelery with the lucky number three comes out of the pattern, taking us into a melodious note made up of a trio: piano keys, violin harmonica sounds kept in rhythm by short beats. It is created a continuous melodic line which seems to be endlessly reflected like notes that hit the mirror, the idea being well outlined in the title.

The fourth track strikes as a shock through a low-lane alternation with complementary high tones, composing a repetitive sequence of this musical duo. Being structurally like a periodic signal, the track feeds you into the trance, in a pleasant “Concussion”. The EP ends symmetrically through a broken glimmer from the beginning, more precisely with the melodic line belonging to the first track, ”The Crown”, providing the listener with a subtle complementarity, thus composing a musical circle.

You cand buy the EP in Vinyl & Digital format from:

Label Subaltern Records
Artist Mrshl Grim Sickers
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