Uprise Audio was founded by Eddy Seven in 2012 and it is now considered one of dubsteps leading labels, becoming taste makers and a breeding ground for elite talent. With over a hundred tracks in their back catalogue, Uprise Audio have certainly made their mark, every release so far delivering a statement of intent stamped with Eddy Seven’s seal of approval.

Markee Ledge  is the founding member of British electronic music group Kosheen and he began his musical production career on Ruffneck Ting as Substance releasing seminal dnb/Jungle tracks such as ‘Homeboyz’, ‘Damn Right’ and ‘LF-Ant’.   Forming a partnership with Decoder, the pair released many drum and bass classic tracks as Decoder & Substance and were supported by the top players in the drum and bass scene, including Fabio & GrooveriderAndy CK Doc Scott. Now he brings his first solo record on Uprise Audio, „Space” EP, with its release date on  1st  June.

The EP proposes from the beginning a bold and captivating attitude by its own name, inherited by the first track of the four components: „Space”. From the first contact with the song, the harmonics beam us into the middle of the universe, where we do not have a random float but a guided one by the sound.The melodic line drives us all in the unknown, deep sounds of the “long waves” and the sharp ones, recreating the idea of an echo in deafness and radio frequencies lost in time.

This is where the adventure started through the cosmos, being continued in an impressive tone of the second track, a collaboration between Markee and the Uprise Captain him self, Eddy Seven. The sound strikes in the infinite silence like a „Thunder”, the duo surprising by deep beats accompanied by a particular musicality ascending and descending, faithfully redefining the idea of exploration.

As the climax of the trip  the track „Revolutionary”  shifts the prospect to 180 degrees, coming with a lure of strong rhythms, steady deep beats and “extraterrestrial” notes. The title, according to the circumstances of the song, proposes the atmosphere of an interstellar war, a star revolution, ending in a tense but peaceful tone.

The last track breaks the reality of the cosmos, transforming the trip into a spiritual one, with an inclination towards meditation. Oriental sounds propel us back to Earth in “Kozan Ji”, a temple  located in a peaceful mountain valley near Kyoto. Thus, as a destination, the ep plugs us out of the loneliness of space in divine contemplation.

The four tracks compose a gorgeous scenario of the journey of the mind and the human spirit. The EP in the first phase passes us through the endless physical space and then throws us into the infinite space of thoughts, where we dive into the Japanese meditation sanctuary.

The EP will see the light of day on the 1st of June, being available for purchase on the labels Bandcamp profile.

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