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Markee Ledge – Gemini [UA045]

Take a deep breath, make sure your speakers are properly calibrated and lay back. We’re going on a dreamy journey.

Uprise Audio welcomes back Markee Ledge for his second installment on the label with “Gemini”, an ethereal three-track EP.

With a respectable background in electronic music, Markee Ledge is no stranger to putting out great tracks, filled with texture and atmosphere. Known for being part of the drum & bass duo Decoder & Substance, Ledge also signed up release with labels such as Tempa and Artikal.

“Gemini” takes us on a smoky, other-worldly experience, flooding the speakers with ghostly vocals and lush pads.

The title track creeps in with a summery synth, complimented by a whispery vocal, both setting up an eerie atmosphere that is soon shaken by a rich kick and organic basses. Mid way through, the ghostly vocals clear up, giving way to sharp pads that open up the atmosphere, painting a picture that accurately describes the sensation of motion, of flying through an unknown, alien environment. Towards the end, the pressure is released and the gentle vocals make for a smooth landing. “Gemini” is an all-around track, serving as a great intro track as well as an appropriate set-ender.

“Action” kick off with a purple-music synth which might strike a special string in the heart of some listeners. The track later opens up with lush, Joker-like pads which combined with the syncopated rhythm set the scene for a tense chase through retro, neon back alleys. “Action” feels fresh and original while at the same time feeling like a tribute to a great era in the dubstep scene.

Closing off, we have “Deh”. A lean, mean, system-rattling machine. Whereas the first tracks presented themselves as dreamy, ethereal experiences, “Deh” stomps in to presents itself as a big, spacious banger with wide saw basses and punching percussion with dubbed out snares that add the perfect amount of flavor.

The “Gemini” EP is definitely one of the unique experiences that betray a sincere, non compromising style which perfectly combines discernable influences with a raw, personal vision and touch.

“Gemini” will be available on all digital platforms starting the 10th September.

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