LAS – Uuha (Egoless Remix) // Ago – Why Won’t You (Foamplate Remix)(Forthcoming IMRVR001)

Innamind Records


Coming in hot with the freshest sounds, Croatia based artist, Egoless, launches a deep and clean remix for LAS‘s Uuha.
From an early age music was an escape from harsh reality that was surrounding him, and very soon,
after discovering punk & rock around 1997. he started his first band, and did his first gigs from an age of 14.
In 2009, he started Egoless project with No, Ego, No Problems EP, but quickly started combining dub and dubstep music into one organic whole, while keeping the both foundations of styles in tact.
The song starts slowly with beats that are sending euphoric vibes to the listeners.
Right before entering the drop, the song pauses for a second, just for you to take your time and prepare those dance moves

The next song from the mixtape, is a remix made by the one and only Foamplate, giving a new sound to Ago‘s song, Why won’t you. Foamplate reimagines the track with some signature bass vibes: it starts with some melodic chords and vocals slowly fading out right before the drop.
Next thing you’ll hear is a wonderfull drop, focusing on deeper wubs, with some extra forest sounds merging perfectly.
This song will definitely put you in a chill mood, so go check it now and listen to this fantastic piece of art.

Label Soundcloud
Artist Egoless Foamplate
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