Kyrist – Parallel EP (UA031)


Uprise Audio was founded by Eddy Seven in 2012 and it is now considered one of dubsteps leading labels, becoming taste makers and a breeding ground for elite talent. With over a hundred tracks in their back catalogue, Uprise Audio have certainly made their mark, every release so far delivering a statement of intent stamped with Eddy Seven’s seal of approval.

Kyrist is a DJ/Producer based from Bristol, represented by The Basic Agency who, over the last few years, has built up a reputation for her trademark style which mainly focuses on the darker and more tech-driven side of drum and bass, and in the process has seen her tunes included in the sets of some of the scenes most respected DJ’s.

Now she is coming with “Parallel EP” with it’s release date on 1st   February 2019.  As the name suggests, the EP seems to be broken by reality, leading us into a very special musical parallelism. Parallel EP contains 4 tracks: “Cry”, “Do you have the chime”, “Gateway” and “Solace”. Contrary to appearances, the EP does not present a sad, gloomy feeling, but rather it propels the listener with an elevating state of genesis in close connection with the universe.

A fluid analogy is created between the names of songs and the evolution of sentiment, as their rhythm gradually increases: thus, from crying, through their passing, the final state of consolation is reached. The third track can be considered the core of the whole EP.  Coming also with a very representative name, “Gateway”  brings some deep sounds that have a strong impact, combined with low pauses. The track shows musical variations that seem to “throw you” to the universe and then get you down. The melodic line has its own uniqueness: powerful beats overlaid with sounds that vibrate at such  intensity that their joining creates “trembling” music. This tremble induces the piece a consciousness of its own, whose frequencies come directly into the soul and mind of the listener.

“Parallel EP” is a journey of sound, passed through the evolution of the crying state. The third track, “Geteway”,  is itself a portal, representing through the melodic line a pass from negative feelings to the acceptance stage.

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