KXVU & Duke – Niten Ichi Ryu [EP]



First of all, “Niten Ichi Ryu” is loosely translated as “the strategy of two heavens as one” and it is a ancient school transmitting a style of classical Japanese swordmanship conceived by the almighty warrior Miyamoto Musashi.

It all begun when Duke presented his ideas about making an EP to KXVU. Jay McDougall also known for KXVU, gave birth to these 4 beats which were murdered by Duke’s lyrics in a disciplinated manner. As we can see, the full grime EP was released on Southpoint, a record label that is established in Brighton, UK which is also being co-founded by KXVU. Both artists are from Brighton, UK and on their soundcloud profiles can be observed more collaborations between them. About the information that we found we can clearly say that KXVU had been pushing the grime aestethics since almost 2 years ago and he had been supported by many grime artists like Slimzee, Tiatsim, Alia Loren and many more. Alongside this, he also apperead with releases within the grime UK bass music scene on recognised labels as Project Allout Records and Chameleon Audio. KXVU is having a lot of appearances on radio or guest mixes and by this, we can say that he is growing rapidly.

About Duke, we don’t know very much but when you will read further on this article and after you will be listening to his tracks definitely you will get the essence of what this badman is talking about. I think that every track on this EP is executed with perfect precision and slicing techniques.

Let’s start to talk about them. The first one is called “Ketsueki” which layed the foundations and the first step into making this EP to go forward. The second track “Mizu” goes a little bit harder, but with short wise quotes about life detailing an important message. The other goes as “Meisei” which can be translated as a story about fame or being renown in an environment and all I can say about this one is that Duke is getting higher and higher within his flow. You can feel it precisely. The last one, but not the least is called “Un” which brings fortune and luck in finding the solutions of not complaining. In addition, talking about blood, water, consistency, purity and the maintaining of fluidity… Duke’s emceeing style made me think about how he got involved in the music scene and I’m asking myself where he was until now? I will be looking forward for this EP to include it in my future UK grime/garage sets because I honestly love the production, the lyrics, the vibe that I get and the manner which they gave it life! Bassheads, we recommend you to lay down, turn on your volume and give a try on this art-sword technique “lesson” because you cannot sleep on it. Have a blessed audition and stay dirty!

Label Southpoint
Artist KXVU Duke
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