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Killa’s Army & XL Mad – Badman Ting [NUMAREC005]

Founded in 2005 in Florence, Italy, Numa Crew is a collective of DJs, Producers and MCs that pioneered the Italian dubstep scene. In 2018, the Numa Recordings label takes it roots, presenting its first single “We Nuh Tek Talk” featuring London’s grime collective Killa’s Army. Years later, Numa Crew is an established phenomenon across the world, holding spots on lineups across Europe, America and Asia at iconic venues and festivals such as Outlook Festival, Boomtown Fair or Fusion Festival.

Fittingly, Numa Recordings delivers another two-track release under the name of Badman Ting featuring Killa P, Irah and Long Range as Killa’s Army, on the rhythms of Numa Crew’s memeber, XL Mad.

The title track is a playground where the four MCs take turns showcasing their craft, backed by the menacing instrumental produced by Numa Crew’s XL Mad. The minimalistic 808-driven track is peppered with light, eerie melodic lines that only serve to further enhance the low end by putting it in total antithesis. The sparse, dry high hats that only come in from time to time, help create a suspenseful mood that is specific to the gritty grimey sound that we’re used to when talkin about grime music. The track becomes whole when glued together by the MCs, whose delivery and verse-essence quality is unquestionable.

Last but not least, the second track is a remix by none other than Ago. Reworking his well-known track “I Got“, Ago lays it down as the instrumental for the previously-heard vocals by the Killa’s Army collective, which results in a well balanced mix that highlights both the smoothness and craftmanship of “I Got” as well as the power behind the vocals, making them empowering each other.

Badman Ting is one of those releases that your selection cannot lack!

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