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Khiva – In The Quiet EP & Interview with Dirty Beats

Deep, Dark & Dangerous

Before releasing her debut EP, “In The Quiet”, Khiva was known from her regular shows on Subtle FM, with on point track selections that delighted the ears of every listener.

Her shows featured creations of her own, which unsurprisingly caught the attention of the Deep, Dark & Dangerous label owners, Truth, and they had no other choice but to welcome her to the family.

Listening through the EP, one can observe that every track has a specific vibe and energy to it, unfolding to the listener like a story, her story. And who better to tell her story than Khiva herself, as she was kind enough to share with us her journey so far.


Roland (dirtybeats.ro): “How did you get involved in the bass music scene, what made you choose this type of music and what is your overall impression of the scene?”

Khiva: “I started going to electronic events back when I was in highschool but at that point I honestly didn’t know what I was listening to, only that I enjoyed the atmosphere and music. A few years later I started going to festivals and was introduced to bass on ridiculous sound systems that stole my heart straight away, and slowly through digging online discovered names like J:kenzo, Mala and Kromestar, and I was like ‘Yup, this is it.’ The rest is history haha. The way I feel about the scene is how I feel about the music. People are die hard and for the most part come to these styles because they truly feel it in their hearts. There has always been a ‘think outside the box’ persona within a lot of bass music because this was necessary since its conception,  and I think that really shows nowadays. There are no limits.”

Roland (dirtybeats.ro): “What was your main source of inspiration when creating your EP, called ‘In the Quiet’ and what is the message that you would like to transmit with it?”

Khiva: “The inspiration for each tune came at different times and through different outlets, but most of the inspiration for the EP as a whole was derived from concentrated emotion sprouting from life experiences. They came together over several months so it’s awesome to hear these changes reflected in the tracklist. I wrote ‘In the Quiet’ when I moved from LA to Vancouver. It was winter and snowy and I spent a lot of time walking around at night and early in the morning, so it came together quite truthfully. It represents desolation and loneliness but at the centre of it, peace. ‘Pure’ was written around this time as well and to me it represents fire. Energy that cannot be contained. Each individual song has its own message, and although my descriptors can seem dark, to me this release as a whole is one of positivity,  passion, change, and renewal.”

Roland (dirtybeats.ro): “If you could play anywhere in the world, with any artist of your choosing, where and who would that be?”

Khiva: “Oh jeeze well I guess if I can pick anywhere, it’s going to be warm and have bomb food so lets say Barcelona. We’ll stack the lineup with all the DDD artists of course, + an assortment of major killas ranging from Bukez Finezt and Flava D to IAMDDB and Post Malone. Dreamfest 2019, how does that sound? Haha!”

Roland (dirtybeats.ro): “Do you have any favourite releases from the last few years, may that be vinyl or digital?

Khiva: “Dubstep wise, must give shouts to Samba on the Malignant EP on Crucial, Feonix – The Underground EP on Uprise Audio, LSN – Oblivion LP, also Uprise, Truth – Wilderness of Mirrors, Disciple. These come to mind first as standouts for me over the last few, but there are heaps more I’ve been mega hyped on. Other styles, IAMDDB Hoodrich Vol. 3 + ‘Stoney’ – Post Malone have been rinsed clean, hence the previous answer haha. Also, let us not forget Shifter by Kloudmen. Absolutely massive. VIP as well but it’s not out yet. Special shouts to Six Chakra too. Pretty much everything I have from this guy is fire.”

Roland (dirtybeats.ro): “What have you got coming up in the near future? Are there any new releases or tours planned?”

Khiva: “All I can say at this point is stay tuned… 😉 The kitchen is hot.”

Roland (dirtybeats.ro): “If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Khiva: “Hm, at first thought, Sonique – It Feels So Good. Tis the vibe. Hahaha.”

Roland (dirtybeats.ro): “What would you define as your greatest achievement up to the current moment?”

Khiva: “There are so many little moments that have been personal epic turning points, it’s always the things you can’t see that have the biggest impact. Over the last few months in particular I have felt some major breakthroughs in my production and artistry that I am soso proud of, so even though there are some fricken unreal events and shows that have gone down, and the release of ‘In the Quiet’ was a major milestone for me, I feel like my greatest achievement as of right now has just been getting to where I AM now, in my mind and in my heart and in my music. The process is soooo crazy and amazing.”

Roland (dirtybeats.ro):Finally, and this one is important, so please pay attention. What do you think cats dream about?”

Khiva: “Cats seem pretty on it so I reckon they have really wicked and deep dreams that channel ancient messages and see into the future. But then they wake up are a cat again but the feeling remains. LOL.”

We are delighted to finally have elucidated the mystery about cats and what they are dreaming about, but jokes aside, we are humbled for having the opportunity to chat with such an inspiring artist, and we wish her the best in all future endeavours. Make sure to support the artist on the link below,  and see you all at Dreamfest 2019. Bless!

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