Khiva – Aphrodite (DDD035) [DIRTYBEATS PREMIERE]

(Deep, Dark & Dangerous)


Following the release of her debut EP “In The Quiet”, Khiva returns once again to Deep, Dark & Dangerous with an exceptional statement of her creativity.

“Aphrodite” is exactly what you’d expect from Khiva. With its warm yet heavy bassline, infused with melodic, dark and mysterious elements, provided by the excellently executed piano keystrokes and carefully selected synths,  this track is bound to shake the foundation of every venue it is played at.

“Aphrodite” is as groundshaking as diverse. While maintaining a solid bassline throughout the entire track, Khiva lets her creativity roam free, giving the second drop an even deeper, darker vibe, which definitely speaks for itself.

“Aphrodite” is part of a two track release along with “Fresh Cut Love”, where you can witness Khiva’s talent as a singer in a more energetic vibe.

The EP is available for pre-order on beatport under the following link:

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