Karnage & MarkIV / Korin Complex / Iant. / Deadroom / Nixsin – DYSTOPIAN

[Bleak Winter Records ™ - BWR002]


At dawn, new things were mastered by mans like Karnage, MarkIV, Korin Complex, Iant., Deadroom and Nixsin. A various and a good compilation released at Bleak Winter Records ™. Is complex, is full of different vibes that offers a massive musical accompaniament in every situation of your day. Hot and fullfilled with dubstep, dub and digital sounds, this one out is a great incoming from dem mans who united in such a good combination by moving through different styles and creating a good chain between them songs. Big respect for such a dope unity! People… DYSTOPIAN!

Tracklist : A1. Karnage & MarkIV – Zenith
A2. Korin Complex – Off Kilter
A3. Iant. – Bismuth Teller
B1. Deadroom – Arbaria
B2. Nixsin – Dreamin’ (For You)

This one out will be a 12″ vinyl only. The pre-orders are available now!

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