Jack Flynn-Oakley also known as JFO by his pseudonym in music production has recently joined the Uprise Audio team. He is from Roachdale, United Kingdom and he made his debut on the label on 6th of December with two tracks that made waves throughout the world especially through the production of high specific British quality.

Starting with a  whizzing which is strengthened by vocals, ”Juggernaut” plays its name with a serious tone and low electric sounds. The whizzing is transformed into air current and a whir specific to a cold and unfriendly weather that raise the serious tone of the song and accompany the male vocals.

The sinister and tense atmosphere created by strong air waves is continued and amplified by the beginning of the track “PDX”. From the first bass, the track strikes and impresses with a playful and colorful combination of short but intense sounds. JFO offers a distinct diversity to the melodic line, with notes either ascending or descending, paired with thick electric sounds and ghostly female and male breaths.

Both tracks are mastered by Ten Eight Seven and JFO, due to its musical complexity, has certainly made a spectacular entrance and carried on its fame in the world of dubstep.

Label Uprise Audio
Artist JFO
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