Dirty Beats
It's all about the sound!


This end of the year, although it was a tumultuous one, blesses us with a special delivery from In:Flux Audio. As a Bass and Dubstep label based in Leeds UK, the gift can’t be other than a sleight full of deep dubstep flakes that cuts the cold in the underground English style.

The ice is broken by the sound of “The Whale” sailing floating through rough bass interference. It suddenly slips like a “Snake Oil” in an oceanic dream with fluid bubbles notes leaving on its way trails of “Enzyme” and “Amoxicillin”. It falls on an oriental tab written in coiled synths that “Can’t (be) touch”.

A bass flames rain turns the world upside down and “Excurse” us in the highest corners of the mind. The silent of the universe is pierced by Dystinkt “Sirens” and the natural order falls apart in “Fractal” voices spreading in infinite echos. Crazy basslines detonated by In:Flux Audio founders Tik&Borrow bring a “War Dub”. The peace can be restored only through a “Collusion” brought by the sound that only an “Angel” can carry on his wings.

Embracing new and old artists, travelers through time and space, dreamers, we listen to the aurora borealis sketched and brought to life by these eleven musical colors offered and blended by the In:Flux Audio palette. So take a moment, listen to the cosmos and pay attention to this winter sky. Enjoy!

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