Indiji – Original Pressing / Dubwise 07 (UA027) [DIRTYBEATS PREMIERE]

Uprise Audio


Look what came to our inbox few days ago!
This blend of two new tunes from Indiji signed out on the Uprise Audio label is out now as a 12″ platter right on the label’s Bandcamp page.

The release is composed by “Original Pressing“, the first tune, an undoubtedly distinct production, charges with a stomp that adds a welcome heaviness to an otherwise lighthearted soundscape, blips and beeps perfectly accenting a descending and vintage sounding bassline, merciless in dancefloor busting personality.

Tied together with a vocal stab that narrates the piece very simply, this is for the sound system, this is a dub. The second tune, “Dubwise 07” bleeds nostalgia through the select use of unmistakable and enduring voices, generously ringing throughout the track in sonic bliss, but with a hard-edged twist, again chartering a voluminous underbelly that is not only the mark of Indiji himself, but a contrasting look at a contemporary approach, and the limitlessness of a sound that continues to evolve.

But wait, there’s more!
The final “bonus track” from this 12″ platter comes out titled as “Release“, the original tune was a part of the label’s Collective Volume One compilation back in the 2017.

Hmm, now, what do we think about this?
Clearly one of these releases to keep in mind and play it again and again on your local soundsystem for many years to come, as the label presents, the latest from Indiji bridges the gap between modern production and classic persona through timeless frequency.


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