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Indiji – Eat your lemon [UA043]

Cleanse your palate and rest your ears. This week, Uprise Audio brings us Indiji.

Part of the Uprise Audio family and already occupying several spots in the label’s catalogue with high grade releases such as Into the spring tank // Mashup, Original Pressing or the Surgeon EP, Indiji does not shy away from experimenting with pushing the sound into all sorts of forms and shapes.

This time around, Indiji comes up with something really sour yet incredibly refreshing in the form of his new three-track EP, “Eat your lemon”.

With no hesitation, the title track is nothing less than an in-your-face statement of what the whole EP is about. Eerie riffs, gritty basses and mean drums will have you stare blankly at your screen with a mean expression. Even though simplistic in nature, the track packs a big, effective punch, easily being able to pass as the soundtrack of a dark, Mortal-Kombat-esque fighting ring which only leads to the natural conclusion that it will shake up any dance floor.

With just enough time to catch our breath, the second track entitled “Missing Pieces” throws at us another dreamy intro, perturbed by saw-like expressions which build up into a massive mechanical drop which will surely bring about lots of wheel ups. The track keeps “breaking down” into more and more variations of this rhythm but holds onto its energy through and through. The second drop comes in a tad meaner, properly complimenting the first part of the track.

Appropriately tying thing up, “Untitled Murderation” closes off the album in a more dubbed out, familiar style. Cold and metallic sounds are mixed in with warm basses creating a futuristic, ethereal soundscape. Imagining an action-packed chase scene, this track surely has the energy to move crowds.

The “Eat your lemon” EP will be available starting 28th of May over at Uprise Audio.

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