IND33P – Grape Stomper


Marvin Hearn, also known for IND33P is a producer from Illinois, United States and also a resident DJ at Sub.mission. With singles or featured releases at Version Collective or Versed Records we hope that IND33P will have as many as possible soon.

When I first read “Grape Stomper” by browsing through the internet, I was curious about the title. Also the image that’s attached, made me think of a good piece that belongs to the soundsystem culture. Indeed it was like that, chills took me instantly, the volume was taking heavyweight shapes and I was stoked. Is a song that prepares you for a massive groove that it all grows entirely from within bass. Definitely I would love to introduce this one into my future sets that could be played near dawn around a soundsystem. Just preparing for the night in force, Grape Stomper hardness can make you take a good decision anytime and whenever you want.

We invite you to try this one out that just got uploaded on IND33P’s soundcloud page. Also, if you are interested after playing it, browse through his page because there is more.

No link available so you can get it because there is no information about a release. Until something will be announced… follow him and you will find out as soon as possible!

Artist IND33P
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