Incandescent – Iris EP

Southside Dubstars UK


Yes! Fire upon dem. Ladies and gents hidden in the dark, Incandescent also known for his real name Stuart Anthony, originally from Toronto, Canada gave an announcement on soundcloud by posting a real massive tune that was set as a forthcoming. A tuning badman was hidden for all this time inside Incandescent.

Killaman on the electric guitars, Incandescent strikes directly with the first tune which is called Iris, part from the EP. Firstly, it was a forthcoming in which every drop of potential could be felt. In a gentle manner, right on Dubstar-Records soundcloud’s page it was uploaded. There is no bad reason in making an absolute change like this because this one is a real mad business. For sure you will not have problems by listening to it on so many levels.

Such tune like this deserves a stunning volume which will induce a real nice smile on your face for those gladly moments. Dubstar-Records must be proud for this one out! Incandescent mentioned in one of his posts on facebook about a collaboration with don AbstraktSonance also known for his real name Tyler Myroon, from Canada. A real sweet message about how they met and how everything came alive. You can check it on his official facebook’s page right in the links below.

So, real tunes inside the EP’s content came straight ahead among with the collab with Dubstar-Records. “Iris” is the first one that strikes the actual album in a proper way. It is such a fluid pack of sounds that implies a real flowing machine taped movement. The second goes under “Missing” in a beautiful and proper way combined with his master blaster. The one that is aerodynamic and spatial is called “Convex” probably because it has an indulgent riddim session upon and let’s not forget that is the third one. In like any other bomboklaat EP guess what is next? Proper fire.

AbstraktSonance appeared, ladies and gents. Coming straight forward in the featuring right in his own terrible massive nuclear way. Everything is alive, nobody was harmed. Such a smooth TNT combined with a gorgeous sub bass that imitates water droplets… I can clearly meantion that this one out is a destroyer in the good way and the production from dem badmans is a proper tune. Ladies and gents, the fourth…”Droplet” ! We wish you a good audition.

Bass heads! Incandescent showed us that he is a real ruler. Mega collaboration on this EP. Respect the real vibe by supporting it right, right here!



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