IM033: 3VOICE – Arrive EP


Indigo Movement is an independent record label based in UK focused on pushing quality soundsystem music, and IM033 is no exception.

IM033: 3VOICE – Arrive EP with its released date on the 15th of October, is composed of three mixes and two remixes :

  1. Arrive (Original Mix).
  2. Herbs(Original Mix)
  3. Arrive(Wosui Remix)
  4. Arrive(Duckem Remix)
  5. Arrive(Dub Mix)

These five tracks combine deep beats of Dub with melodious waves, creating the idea of a natural, antique frame. Each track appears as a continuation of the previous one and each one is a chapter, so the fully-listened ep  gives the listener a story.

Just as the title suggests, every track “arrives” with a similar, clear and melodious instrumental portion that I can describe as an aromatic sound. After this brief introduction, deep beats are added and complete the harmony, creating a song with strong and rhythmic feelings. I always listen to the whole ep, and I am led by a story of nature, first a quiet and balanced frame  and then nature seems to catch life and becomes wild, each beat being an action with a well-established place. In this way, I see the ep as a whole, a vibe flowing and calming, transforming the wilderness into harmony.

The tracks  can be bought on the labels own bandcamp page!

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