Hebbe – DUPLOC020 – Float Yourself / Sword Art


This new EP by Hebbe is out now on Duploc and can be downloaded from Bandcamp.
Absolutely mental, could not have any more words to complete this because Hebbe’s productions are so powerful and his style and sound is really distinct from others. Be sure to follow him on Soundcloud at @hebbe-versteegh and big up for @duploc for the release.

Stay tuned for more deep beats like this!

The most promising up-and-comer from The Netherlands anno 2018 is Hebbe without any doubt. The Rotterdam-based dubstep enthusiast truly emerged from the shadows through his recent release on Subway Recordings. Steadily equipped with a forthcoming record on J:Kenzo’s Artikal Music UK and Sleeper’s Crucial Recordings, Hebbe is currently introduced to the Belgian imprint for its 20th instalment in the usual two-track concept.

Hebbe appeared on the “5 Years of duploc.com album”, yet obscure sounds driven by a distinguished flow earned him this year’s opening release on DUPLOC. “Float Yourself” takes you on an incessantly progressing journey in which drenched deep-toned frequencies prevail. On the digital flip side “Sword Art” unveils the intense clash of sub pressure and metal clangs. DUPLOC020 portrays Hebbe’s achievement of making a firm mark on the dubstep genre.

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