Hartta – Hylidae Dub (KAB010) [DIRTYBEATS PREMIERE]

(Kaarbanik Sound)


Hartta, formerly known as Shoksuit, is a spanish DJ and Producer, who began his musical journey in 2012, which inevitably led him moving to Bristol 3 years later. His first contact with bass music, was through the discovery of labels such as Deep Medi, Hessle Audio and Tempa, but his tunes also carry ambiental and electronic music fragrances. As of May 2016, Hartta’s label, Kaarbanik Sound, started off as a means of promoting music from his friends, alongside his own, which since then evolved in many ways and is now at its 10th official release.

‘Hylidae Dub’ is a bouncy and flute-filled cut which takes its name from the Hylidae family of frogs (commonly known as ‘tree frogs’). The song incorporates throbbing basslines, alongside organic percussions. Excellent space and reverb has been incorporated to enlighten the track, truly exquisite implementation. KAB010 really expresses to what Kaarbanik Sound refers to as ‘deep dub’. More of this type of  sound is to expected in the future, as the mood for the upcoming releases has been set.

KAB010 is due to be released on the 30th of may, and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp. Enjoy the vibes!



  • Hartta – Hylidae Dub
  • Hartta – Tribe

Label Kaarbanik Sound
Artist Hartta
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