Halcyonic & G Roots feat. Junior Dread – Future (MS042)


Coming in hot here’s a shout out to the roots by Halcyonic & G Roots with their new 12” Single “Future”,
vocal support by Junior Dread, released on Moonshine Recordings

This one hits just the right sweet spot between Dubstep and Dub with a thundering bass, mystical strings and heartical, conscious lyrics by Junior Dread giving us a quick reminder where it all came from and reassuring us that Babylon kingdom is indeed falling.

Make sure to also check out the flipside Dub and Violinbwoy‘s amazing remix.

Buy the Vinyl here or get it digitally


Bigup to
Halcyonic & G Roots: facebook / soundcloud
Junior Dread: facebook / soundcloud
Violinbwoy: facebook / soundcloud
Moonshine Recordings: facebook / soundcloud / website

Label Moonshine Recordings
Artist Halcyonic & G Roots Junior Dread Violinbwoy
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