Grawinkel – Thunder (SGDN009) [DIRTYBEATS PREMIERE]

SUB garden


Grawinkel is a young and talented german producer from Leipzig, who kicked off his career in 2014. His new track, Thunder, is a reflection of the 4 years of hard work Grawinkel has put into perfecting his production skills.

Starting off, Thunder, which is about to drop on the 28th of April, surrounds the listeners with a chilly atmosphere, as if it is preparing them for a storm to come. As time advances the storm is gradually approaching, and in a blink of an eye a thunder marks the beginning of it. Launching with a heavy bass structure accompanied by outrageous synths and on point percussions, Thunder will definitely make waves in in the world of dubstep and into the hearts of its listeners. This track will smash every dance floor it encounters and will definitely make its way into my next selection, unleashing the fury of the storm among the crowd.

As for the support for this track, we want to thank SUB garden. SUB garden is a young label from Cologne, Germany, founded in the Summer of 2017 by ROKLEM and SEBALO. The label was born out of the passion and love for music of these two lads, who also made it their mission to give a voice to their local talents, which can be observed by the amount of free stuff they are giving to the public.

You should definitely keep an eye on them because they have some real surprises planned for the future, until then, lets embrace the Thunder!

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