Crucial Recordings surprises us this autumn with an Ep from the fantastic duo Glume and Phossa, with its release date on 27th September this year.

The first track represents not only the debut but also the “jewelery” of the Ep. Highlighted by the suggestive title, the melodic line denotes a particular elegance and refinement; with a mysterious beginning, the high and melodious notes combine two of the instruments of the high society: the piano and the violin.

As an inclusion of the same idea, the second track continues the Ep with a more wild elegance, as the title suggests. Being a “less polished” stone, “Feral” launches from the beginning waves of strong bass accompanied along the way by fluid and sound notes.

The ”Ruins” always make up a mysterious atmosphere, full of curiosity and the grandeur of the past times, as the third track denotes. The interplay of high and low sounds and their diversity gives listeners a truly original composition which leads to contemplation of the originar time.

In this sense, the Ep fully reflects the characteristics of the opal: a match of fine, high notes with a light bass creating a rare semiprecious sound of a speecial rafinement.

Label Crucial Recordings
Artist Glume Phossa
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