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Get to know Durandal – Interview with Dirty Beats

Get to know Steve aka. Durandal from Utah, United States.

Recently we got in contact with Steve and he was kind enough to answer some questions for Dirty Beats.
Steve is from Utah, United states and he makes music for about 7 years now, started to get really known in the bass music scene and got releases at some underground labels out there with forthcoming tunes at the mighty Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz. Occasionally we can find him live on Twitch twitch.tv/durandalmusic with some live productions and mixing.

Without further ado, let’s get into the questions:

DIRTY BEATS: When and how did you got involved in the bass music scene?

DURANDAL: Well, Im not proud of it, but I used to go to a lot of bigger festivals like EDC and that stuff. I got really sick of them, really fast haha. I decided that I didn’t want to be the guy in the crowd at those events, id rather be playing them. Shortly after that, I found deeper bass music, it really struck a chord with me and I felt extremely comfortable in that environment. I started producing, and supporting my local scene (Dubwise and Latter Day Dub), and now I’m running my own events and love it!

DIRTY BEATS: Which artists inspired you the most so far?

DURANDAL: I have a lot of people that have inspired and influenced me. When it comes to musical influences I have a lot of artists/bands that I look up to, but If we are talking bass music specifically, I would have to say my top picks when I first started making music were: Enigma Dubz, Requake, The Widdler, Distance, Tunnidge, Bar 9, and Kryptic Minds. Now days, I cant even mention how many other amazing artists out there influence me, the list is endless.

DIRTY BEATS: How was your first dj set or live performance in the front of a crowd?

DURANDAL: I got my first gig after bothering my friend Illoom who runs Dubwise, I would give him a mix about every other month. Eventually he gave me a slot and we have been friends ever since. But during my set, I was shaking so bad, I could barely even move the knobs I was so nervous

DIRTY BEATS: What are your favourite releases of anytime? Dubstep related and non-dubstep related.

DURANDAL: This list is also a huge list, but I would have to say:
DJ Krush – Code 4109
The Dust Brothers – Fight Club Soundtrack
Pink Floyd – Pulse
Mr. Oizo – Analog Worms Attack
Weezer – Blue
Slayer – God Hates Us All
Rage Against The Machine – Self Titled
Bar 9 – Deftones Shove It (remix)
Hecq – Sura
Massive Attack – Mezzanine
Atmosphere – God Loves Ugly

DIRTY BEATS: I have noticed in your many songs that you’re using vocals from videogames. In my opinion that’s a good ideea. Are videogames a source of inspiration?

DURANDAL: Totally! I love to sample anything from video games to old movies and cartoons that I love. Also, the name Durandal actually comes from one of my favorite video games I used to play when I was a kid.

DIRTY BEATS: Is there any place where you would like to play a djset in 2018 where you’ve never been before?

DURANDAL: Outlook. Ive always wanted to go!

DIRTY BEATS: Your latest release on Bandcamp was “Corporeal Devolution”, do you have anything hot in your kitchen? We’ve seen many strong previews up on the web.

DURANDAL: That release actually came out with my friends label awhile back (Unified Audio) Its about 5 years old. I am however sitting on quite a handful of dubs at the moment and putting together an EP very soon. But the next one coming out is the EP im working on with Funkmod. It will be out soon with Dank N’ Dirty Dubz.

DIRTY BEATS: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you at an event?

DURANDAL: I would have to say my most recent show in Chicago. I saw a video that my friend Brandon The Scout had posted on his instagram of someone else trying to Shazam one of my songs while I was playing it, saying “we out here trying to ID this!” Haha.

DIRTY BEATS: The vinyl culture is rising again and more bass music gets on the wax. Which one of your own tunes do you think it should get a very limited edition platter to remain in the bassheads wishlists for many years to come?

DURANDAL: I want to get Speaker Test on vinyl some day, but I really dont want Disney to sue me for copyright infringement haha. But in reality, I think that the Funkmod & Durandal EP should be on vinyl *hint hint* @Sashwat 😀

DIRTY BEATS: Last but not least, if you have a time machine, on which concert would you go in the past? It can be anything.

DURANDAL: I think Id like to go to the Rage Against the Machine concert that was held in my home town. The booking agent totally messed up the gig and placed them at a rodeo right near my house. People were afraid of teens rioting and were in a huge panic, it was all over the news and it was hilarious haha. That or the Pink Floyd Pulse concert.

Well, that was our short interview with the man like Durandal.
Be sure to check out his Soundcloud @durandalmusic for some fire tunes and stay tuned around here for more surprises.

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