Durandal & Funkmod – Blind (DANK037) [DIRTYBEATS PREMIERE]

Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz


The first tune from the Latter Dank Dubz EP out June 11th on the widely known imprint Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz, entitled “Blind” gets the dirty beats premiere treatment. The forthcoming EP features four insanely dark and heavyweight dubstep collaborations between the Utah-based badmen Durandal and Funkmod, both brand new additions to the Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz roster.

  • Durandal & Funkmod – Blind
  • Durandal & Funkmod – Choomah Dub
  • Durandal & Funkmod – Skin Walker
  • Durandal & Funkmod – Wise Up

Be sure to follow the label and stay tuned for more collaborations between these two badmen!

Label Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz
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