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Back in 2012, Pieter Grauwels, also known as Duploc, started laying the foundations for what would become the duploc.com brand, a project which aimed at promoting the deep dubstep sound. In 2015, the DUPLOC record label was born and it quickly earned its place in the 140 culture. Up to this day, the Belgian project grew into an established imprint, backed up by the works of well known artists such as EniGMA Dubz, Ternion Sound, Hebbe and Rygby.

Celebrating the iconic 5th birthday of the label, the DUPLOC WAR DUBS compilation is set on a mission of shaking every sound system with 12 exclusive remixes of some of the label’s most prized tracks.

With the involvement of no less than 21 artists, the album showcases the distinct sound of DUPLOC’s established artists EniGMA Dubz, Ternion Sound, Hebbe and Rygby as well as that of the label’s freshest joiners: smith., Ourman, Drumterror and Sam Cosmic.

Putting together a well coagulated 12-track album is no easy feat as having so many innovative artists in one place means having just as many styles and poignant personal touches. And yet, the DUBLOC WAR DUBS album manages to encompass the essence of what many of us call “the real dubstep”, coming off as a firm statement of what DUPLOC and, the scene in general, stands for.

All 12 tracks are unique reinterpretations of already bulletproof compositions. The duty of discovering what makes them essential in representing how far the 140 scene has come, and how much farther it can go, falls on each of us.

Sitting through 50 minutes of bass-guided voyages, this compilation only further proves how valuable collaborations between artists are in pushing creativity ahead, unlocking whole new horizons and inspiring future creative minds.

With the release set for April 6th, 2020, the digital album can be pre-ordered via DUPLOC’s Bandcamp page. If you’re quick enough you can also grab the DUPLOC USB – Deluxe Edition stick which contains all 133 tracks ever released on the label, including the current album.

It’s all about the sound!

Release date: April 6, 2020



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