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Dungeon Beats is a Polish crew of six, operating as an event/booking agency and a record label. The collective focuses on the underground side of electronic music and plays an important role in Poznań local scene, being one of the most influential in terms of bass club events in the country.

After less than 6 years of operation, Dungeon Beats exceeds its limits and infiltrates even deeper into the dubstep scene with a debut compilation named “Volume One”. As a tribute to the old school, the music comes in the form of a cassette tape.

Looking like a chronological chain, the album is divided into two musical perspectives and styles , this passage being rendered through the prism of veterans and new artists. The grand opening belongs of course to the members of collective, Hitman and Entire.
“Subside” is the messenger who opens the way to “Volume One” and spreads the seal through the voice of one of the greatest MC of the scene, Sgt. Pokes. The sounds, like a stream of cold air, together with the low tone of the vowel foretell the breaking of an ancient curse.

The story begins with the legendary character J:Kenzo whose clean style can’t be “Overthrown”. Coming as if from the ancient world, the progression of the piano that continues with a sawtooth wave, places us next to pyramids and their supremacy.
Crossing desert under “Black Moon”, no good can come from Sepia’s sharp drums and the mysterious, dark feeling created by the backing atmospheres and maintained by Leon Switch.
“Gas Mask” impresses with a complex melodic bass, composed of electric frequency layers.

The transition to the second part is made by LSN and their specific noisy style and the most brutal sub-base you can hear.
Taiko tells us another story, one with oriental influences brought by the beautiful sound of a flute and ended with the taming of a cobra.
Kryo, a representative of the new era, starts his way with “Taste”, a fluid and catchy track alongside a vibrant stable bass wave. Biome, his fellow on this storyline, fly on a dirty bass dripped with female vocals.

Walking a few steps forward on the chronological chain, we meet 207 who send us in the future. MKV is a beautiful braid of a heartbeat alike combination of sub and bassline and energetic electro vocals, arrived just in time for Cyberpunk Universe.

Last but not least, ARtroniks ends this beautiful journey with “Watcher”, a track with clear and fresh sounds, a breath of air that brings us back to reality and to Dungeon Beats home.

Pre-order: https://dungeonbeats.bandcamp.com/album/volume-one-2
Release: March 31, 2021

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