Indigo Movement


Alex Papias, aka Duckem is a young and talented producer and also the founder of the label Indigo Movement. With releases on Foundation AudioAbyssal Audio and Biosphere Recordings, between others, this guy is definitely someone I would keep my eyes on.

This track, entitled Pickle Rick, is everything a dubstep and Rick & Morty fan could hope for. When I first saw the title of the track I was curious to hear what it has to offer, and honestly I was amazed by it. Listening to this track for the first time, I was literally blown away by the power of its drop, which completely took me by surprise, and my entire room was vibrating because of the perfectly executed sub bass. This tune, and the entire EP for that matter, is 100% banger material and I will definitely include it in my future sets.

We encourage you to share this EP with all your friends who are fond of the Rick & Morty series. They will love it!


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