Dubwoofa / JFO / Cid Poitier – N.O.T.E.S (SUBCLEF005)


Sub:Clef is an experimental bass record label which explores the blurred genre boundaries of Early Dubstep, Neo Soul, Electronica and Dub, born within the cultural melting pot of South London.

This is the first release in the Sub:Clef “N.O.T.E.S” series with it’s release date on 5th of March, which feature Dubwoofa and Cid Poitier, one on each side of the record, along with the vocalist Wends and JFO on remix duties.

Representing the Norwegian dubstep scene, Dubwoofa released his first tracks on the legendary UK Dubstep label Dub Police in 2006. He has appeared on everything from the most pupular net radio stations such as RINSE fm to the larger Commercial affairs as Radio 1, NRK Lydverket and he has played his LIVE sets both in Norway and Europe.

Cid Poitier is an experimental Sound System Music Producer who was Influenced by 90’s Jamaican dancehall, but when Jungle broke onto the scene he found a new outlet for his musical passion. Since then he has taken the progressive journey into Drum and Bass, Deep Dubstep and more recently Minimal Experimental 140 & 170bpm sounds layered in hypnotic percussion and warm sub bass.

Duwoofa collabs for this Ep with Jack Flynn-Oakley also known as JFO by his pseudonym. He made his debut on Uprise Audio on 6th of December and he made waves throughout the world with his music especially through the production of high specific British quality.

Although there are two different visions and styles, the two parts of the EP are complementary and both are highlighted at a first listen through the UK sound system inspiration and through the production of high specific British quality.

We will first enter the universe of Dubwoofa, a dark and dangerous space whose melodic line is the climax itself. The first track, “Burn” comes with a story of its own, it is a journey through time that takes us back to the Middle Ages in the midst of witchcraft decay. The bass of an impressive scale implied by the rhythmic drums and the ascending echoes creates a ritual, shamanic atmosphere wich  gradually escalates, through the defining vocal dialogue, to an opaque intensity and a state of chaos.

This Brownian state ended with an explosion of black magic that poured through the second track. As a continuation of the story, the melodious vocals and the high sounds in a melancholy but powerful note bring the revenge of the witches, a “hexed” universe.

We will turn the page with the universe of Cid Poitier, a feminine and warm one who invites to the pleasures of life and to “carpe diem”. I can say about the first track that it is itself a distraction from reality having in the center the vocalist Wends. With an almost atonal synth line alongside reverse snares and a meditative filter bass, “Distraction”  will definitely touch sensitive strings.

Not so far away there is also “Circles”, another masterpiece of this tertiary group. A warm atmosphere is kept in the same feminine universe, where the attention is focused on the harmonic piano line and on various rhythmic sounds in a circular repetition.

Label Sub:Clef
Artist Dubwoofa Cid Poitier JFO
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