What grew from a Tuesday night bassment session in San Francisco has grown into a record label pushing fresh artists, festival stage and boat party takeovers. This is how “Deep, Dark and Dangerous”, founded on the first of May 2012, became a worldwide movement of like-minded individuals dedicated to bass.

Distinct Motive, Canadian producer creates explorative, visceral bass music for the masses. Formed in 2013, by Josh Bates and Phil Snaps, they have quickly made a name for themselves with their dark and minimal production style. Later on, the duo has split and Phil carries the name further ahead paying homage to the early aesthetic of dubstep while building a unique sound.

Distinct Motive comes with something new for ”Deep, Dark and Dangerous”; keeping things simple in an air of familiarity, ”Radar EP ” having four tracks: ”Radar”, ”Itchy Fingers”, ”Loose Pimp” and ”Crazy”  makes you embrace it from the first listening. Although partitioned, the 4 tracks are the gorgeous complementary quarters of a whole. Thus, each part consists of a rhythmic symbiosis of deep beats composed with higher continuous sounds. Each symbiosis brings a set of new sounds with an ascending crescent, the passage between them being so natural that the ear seems to absorb them in a fluid way.

The vibrational waves compose a metaphorized visual spectrum in a smooth passage of colors that merge into each other, from strong colors to bright colors with the rise in intensity of high sounds.  In connection with a sense of familiarity, the titles ”Radar” and ”Itchy Fingers”  transpose the idea of tracing into the idea of memorizing, so that the rhythm causes a musical “allergy” that involuntarily ingestes into the subconscious. The EP ends in a playful vibe with the track “Crazy”, so let the sounds envelop you and warm your heart and spirit.

You can get this release in physical form with the vinyl coming with a slipmat showing the release artwork or you can get it digitally from your favourite store.

Release date: May 4, 2019 / Pre-order from Bandcamp

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