DE-TÜ – Speak Numbers // Stay Low // Come To Play (IMRV029)


DE-TÜ’s C-Side and Transparent are no strangers to distilling moods into sound.

The Bristolian duo have cemented their name in the scene with some serious releases over the past years and 2020 takes off with their upcoming “Speak Numbers” EP which has rightfully earned its place in the ranks of Innamind Recordings.

The release ensures a three-track experience saturated with emotion and simplistic elegance that only gets better and better with every replay. Similar to the “Koshi” EP’s recipe, their latest EP puts together three completely different tracks in style and mood that compliment eachother into a seamless whole. From the title track’s ethereal rhythm, through the “Stay Low”’s uneasy atmosphere and to “Come To Play”’s dubbed out elements, the EP presents itself as a unique, yet familiar audition that preservers the duo’s essence.

Taking of with “Speak Numbers” a masterpiece which evolves into a sublime combination of organic and inorganic elements, with oases of soothing vocals that bring the listener back right when they’re about to completely drift away with the beat. Waking up from this otherworldly journey we are gently transitioned into the second track – “Stay Low”. Jevon’s vocals appropriately compliment the track, that paints the amniotic experience of slowing down a notch when things get too hectic. After catching our breath, “Come To Play” takes us back to the familiar dance floor with its rumbling sub bass lines and sharp percussion.

IMRV029 can be pre-oredered on vinyl starting 26th of February whereas the digital release is set for the 27th of March 2020.

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