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DDDXMAS20 – Naughty or not, you’re still getting this one

We’re down to the final stretch. 2020 is almost done, the winter holidays are within reaching distance and we are all looking towards 2021 with hope, the experience of newly learned lessons and with the impatience of getting together again under the flag of bass music that brought us together in the first place.

With its ups and downs, 2020 has definitely been an interesting year for the dubstep scene which, if anything, has proven its resilience, adaptability and endless creativity. Countless releases from artists all over the globe, each bringing something new and taking the whole genre a step further with each bar.

If you are worried that people will hunker down this Christmas and that festive songs won’t be the norm on every corner and at every door, do not fret! This winter’s carolers are brought to your homes by the Deep Dark & Dangerous congregation and unlike your traditional strangers, you might want those fine gentlemen to just keep on playing.

DDDXMAS20 is a merry, joyful but sometimes mean compilation of 15 remixes that will keep you warm on those long winter nights. The hard work of 21 of some the most influential artists in the scene was poured into this holiday collection, summing up to an hour of bass-guided story telling.

The compilation features the work of Truth, Dalek One, Ternion Sound, The Widdler, Pushloop, ColtCuts, Abstrakt Sonance, ENiGMA Dubz, Hypho, LOST, Cartridge, Wraz, Taiko, Khanum, Brassic, Wheelton, City1, Biome, Dayzero, and Ramsez.

Each remix, a graceful reinterpretation of already dialed in tracks, presents the listener with a wide pallet of tastes and easily identifiable production styles. Spoiling the joy of discovering each track, bar by bar, would be nothing short of shameful, so it is up to you to lay back comfortably and let yourself be carried through the journey that DDDXMAS20 is.

The compilation is dashing its way through the snow starting 23rd of December. Naughty or not, get yourself this present because you deserve it!

It’s all about the sound.

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