Indiji, a man who needs no introduction being a long active member in the dubstep scene, returns to Uprise Audio this autumn with two special tracks bound to be released on the 8th of November.

The first track, ”Spring tank”, introduces us from the first notes in the magnetic atmosphere created by the title. Being initialized by echoes, the music translates us into a fiery abstract space similar to a hall or, in this case, a reservoir, this image being maintained until the end by the delayed voices. The melodic line is strongly monopolized by dub influence being structured into strong and deep beats and heavy baselines alternate by metal sounds.

”Mashup” can be metaphorized as a game according to the rules of music. Indiji puts in a play an orderly chaos of deep waves, sharp sounds of arches and high harmonic bows. The track is really getting mashup especially with the insane vocals that convey a vibe full of energy and spontaneity.

Label Uprise Audio
Artist Indiji
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