Juss B (Thomas Terrey) returns to Uprise Audio alongside the mastermind Bukez Finezt with a raging 2-track EP being scheduled for the 27th of September.

With an extraterrestrial intro, the first track, entitled “Bussin”,  propels us into the outer space from the first interaction , through the feminine voices carried away like distant frequencies. The complementarity of the rising and deep bass waves orbits the track like a satellite around its own planet. On the overall, the melodic line is really bussin’ through repeated portions of sound bows that transpose the idea of radio waves and which reinforce the image of cosmic space.

Reaching the dual half of the album,  ”Blow my smoke”  surprises us by the spectacular collaboration between Juss B and Bukez Finezt. As one of Germany’s most active and versatile Dubstep producers, Bukez  is the full package: from depth and sound design filled with dark heavy hitters to the silly basslines and wonky rhythms. Digging deeper into the galaxy,  we wake up in a state of reverie and contemplation. The melodic line accompanied by lighter notes reminds us of the traditional shisha of the Arabic culture and of the relaxing and friendly atmosphere that embraces it. The track metamorphoses us into steam, leaving a floating sensation: we are blown  along with the spatial sounds on the wing of the smoke in a meditative state of mind.

The music orbits through the prism of Juss B’s album and  opens through the clear sounds and loud bass the mind of the listeners and stimulates the thoughts to get lost in the imagination.

But that’s not all. Given the incredible reaction this EP has received, even before its release, Uprise Audio decided to throw in fifty 10″  lathe cut dubplates with full colour art work sleeve available via the labels bandcamp.

So get moving and grab those plates while still in stock!

Label Uprise Audio
Artist Juss B Bukez Finezt
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