Tik&Borrow – Arkham (In:Flux Audio) [DIRTYBEATS PREMIERE]


Tik&Borrow return with their first EP release on In:flux since their chart topping album ‘Neurality’ at the back end of 2017. Since then the duo have been away refining their sound and working with such labels as Souhtpoint, Low Pitched, Articulate and Rico Tubbs’ Bass=Win.

Here the pair are showcasing the Dubstep vibes they’ve been developing on their In:flux remixes for Fiyahman, Sekt-87 & Nekst as well as their tracks on their Free Dubstep series. Lead track ‘Angel’ is up first and is all haunting vocal tones and lush neuro synth bass that helps set the tone for the release. Up next is the grime influence tones of ‘Arkham’ – all hard hitting drums and wubs that has been making dents with pull ups on Rinse FM and 1Forty Live.

It is needless to say that the duos production skills have skyrocketed along the years and that every track from this EP is mindblowing.

As a personal note, I can’t wait to rinse these tunes on my next gig. For those of you who would like to be proud owners of this masterpiece you can purchase them on the labels Juno page.

Label In:flux Audio
Artist Tik&Borrow
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