BFM (Bloodklart Fiyah Mandem) is a partnership between two very well respected producers of grime, JFO & Sativa. They both have unique styles when it comes to their own productions but bring them together and the outcome is quite special.
BFM create spacious, stripped back, grime. There is almost a deep dubstep influence to their productions, merge that with their skippy drum loops & reggae vocal samples and you’ve got a kind of dubstep infused grime sound that is incredibly rare but easily recognisable.” –
These guys return with a brand new EP, ”Limitles”, forthcoming on Cella Records.The EP will be released on 8 March, but the particular song we will premiere today, is ”Shade Riddim”, a catchy , but also mysterious track.It starts slowly with the drums who blend in perfectly with melodic line influenced by eastern culture and the vocals you will hear later on the track.
”Shade Riddim” is part of the ”Limitless” EP, who will se the light on 8 March.

Label Cella Records
Artist BFM
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