This spring will definitely be a musical delight, and as a first moment Infernal Sounds presents Darkimh with a shocking EP with its release date on 13th of March. The EP is made up of 4 tracks modeled and imprinted by Ten Eight Seven Mastering and proudly reflects the return of Dubstep in a high specific UK style.

The first track  is represented by the title itself as a tough one. So that „Tell Me Nothin’” actually tells a lot by a triangle of elements. It is surprising, with a simple but perfectly harmonized component, a series of claps that play the sack of maracas that keep their consistency throughout the song, which introduce shortly an accentuated drum and a melodic bass that descends and ascends successively in harmony. In addition, the “architect” T-Man offers a unique coloration through the incomparable flow and creates a wave of imposition personified by the law of the street.

“Gin Swing” continues the series with a violin accord and strong bass waves that balance the sounds in which the vocals are captured, to throw them back like a rhythmic wave.

In the air of the suburbs also rises “Boneclick”, a line intertwined in melodic synths and vibrations of bass, which rises through an ascending arcade of digital piano as it operates in an amphitheater.

“Tell Me nothin'” is not only a colorful and rhythmic EP but one that injects energy and flow with each listen and intensifies a good state of mind.
Go and grab your copy while you still can over at the Infernal Sounds Bigcartel website.

Label Infernal Sounds Ten Eight Seven Mastering
Artist Darkimh T-Man
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