Dalek One & Korin Complex – Ancient Contact (SD012) [DIRTY BEATS PREMIERE]

(Simply Deep)


Simply Deep is an independent record label, promotional channel and online bass music platform. Founded in 2013, they have made headway from what was originally only a music promotion YouTube channel by converting the brand into a record label.

Dalek One and Korin Complex track with released date on 26th October comes with a name that emphasizes its authenticity : Ancient Contact. From the  beginning the idea of the title is induced by the sounds transfigured in thunder, beats that seem to create a connection with the past.

The whole track is captured by deep rhythms mixed with background sounds, the melodic line being itself a link between old and new. What governs is the idea of authenticity, the word ‘ancient’  sending the track into an area of original lost sounds that were found and brought to the present by Dalek One and Korin Complex.

“Ancient Contact” is part of a 7 track EP, bearing the name “No Statement”, and will be exclusively available on Juno!

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Artist Dalek One SC Korin Complex Sc
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