Crucial Recordings Podcast 019 – Opus


Crucial Recordings welcomes Opus to the family in their iconic way – a podcast mixed by man himself.

Young UK producer Opus has started gaining popularity with his first wax release on White Peach Records [WPR022] in 2017. Since then we’ve seen him affiliated with labels such as Encrypted Audio, Jelly Bean Farm and Simply Deep – which came out with this mindblowing digital release earlier this year – Mindapple EP [SD007] and of course, INSTi015 for which you can find a premiere on our Soundcloud.

Opus blends tracks from  SambaMesck, ArgoKloudmenSleeper, Ternion Sound, and himself, in a mix that describes what seems to be the freshest and most influencial approach dubstep scene takes in 2018. Emphasis is on a carefully built percussion; energetic hihats, powerful kicks leading the clearest subs I’ve ever heard and a ton of deep organics, melody and synths.

More material from SubtleFM ‘s resident, Opus scheduled to be released on CRUCIAL018. Stay locked in!

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Artist Opus SC Opus FB
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